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A passionate culinary journey

“Where traditional recipes with enchanting flavours marry a touch of modern flair.”

Indochine has been renowned for exquisite and authentic Vietnamese cuisine for years, where traditional recipes with enchanting flavours marry a touch of modern flair. Taking pride in using only the ingredients of finest quality without any enhancing additives or added preservatives, Indochine sets itself far apart from any restaurant in Hanoi

At Indochine, we take care of myriad details and dedicate to bringing you the the very best of Vietnams rich and varied palate. Using the freshest and organic ingredients from carefully-selected producers, we put out the best of each city’s authentic cuisine with other classics from the country.


The first impression

Taste of Vietnam - Going beyond your expectations
Founded in 1994, an elegant and beguiling little gem in the center of Hanoi, Indochine Vietnamese Restaurant is a “must visit” for any traveller to discover the most of our country’s gastronomy.
Setting in a classic French villa, Indochine is such a romantic and cozy refuge offering a unique vibe of its own in correspondence with the city’s architecture. Indochine presents to both locals and foreigners the contemporary take on traditional Vietnamese food, based on family’s generation old recipes.
Take a visit to Indochine to immerse yourself in the most vivid of delightful sensations and pamper your soul with the sweetness of a truly unique dish. Here, we are delighted to take you embark on an adventure of pallette of the exotic flavours from Vietnamese cuisine. A meal at Indochine is a journey through the culture, the history and the heritage of Vietnam through the senses of its people through time.

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