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SINCE 1994

“No matter where we go; we will always come back to our root. We make a meal according to our memories, we cook to recall our memorable past, to preserve the heritage we were passed down by our ancestors.”

Mrs. Quỳnh – Founder of Indochine Hanoi

A restaurant doesn’t become a legend by accident. And so does Indochine Hanoi. The restaurant was given a soul by the famous and anonymous guests who have dined there and truly fallen in love with its cuisine, philosophy and ambience.

In 1994, Indochine Hanoi Restaurant was born out of an urgen of that specific time: In the Doi Moi period, when Vietnam had just decided to open up and immerse itself into the diversity of cultures. We needed a place representing authentic, exquisitive Vietnamese taste to the world.

Its name, “Indochine”, was taken from the imaginary of the French colonial period, and Indochine Hanoi is in fact serves the dual role of being both a historical landmark and a classy restaurant. Being one of the oldest continuously operating restaurants in town, it has witnessed a century of change.

Stepping through the wooden door, you will find yourself immersing in the cozy feeling of coming home. Feast your eyes on the 1960s interior filled with charming chandeliers, rustic banquettes and dark oak furnitures that can transport you back to the old world of Hanoi. The space is dressed in red velvet and classic beige tones. While stepping up the staircase, you will notice photos that mark all the historical visits to this restaurant of famous people.

At Indochine, we believe that cuisine is a long-lasting dream of the enchanting past, as well as an essential part of the culture. It reflects people’s lives, and eventually it will adjust itself into history. Our restaurant’s mission, therefore, is to make a reality of the new changes, to breathe life into the already refined heritage.

We have been relentlessly trying to sketch the outline of each aspect of Vietnamese culture for more than 25 years through our authentic food, elegant service, and iconic Indochina atmosphere; serving countless world political leaders, well-known artists and superstars.

"We ate there during our trip in Vietnam and tasted a menu. All was very tasty and authentic. It is a revisited vietnamese cuisine with a touch of creativity. Congrats to the chef! The restaurant is ideally located near the city center and is very cozy (as a colonial building). The prices are reasonable considering the quality of products, but always lower than average prices in Europe. Definitely recommended!"
Mr. DeBerardis From Teramo, Itália
"We were there for lunch on a rainy day. The staff were attentive. They even walked you out in the rain with an umbrella to your car. Our meal included appetizers, main courses and desert. Every dish was prepared beautifully. A place you would like to come back to."
Mr. Wai C From Sacramento, USA
"ベトナムで行ったレストランで1番 15名の団体で利用しました。個室を用意してくれて、給仕もばっちり。部屋もきれいでお客様を安心して連れて行けます。料理もとても美味しく、あまりベトナム料理が得意でない私も安心して美味しく食べれました。値段も比較的リーズナブルですが、ワインを開けると高くつきます・・・"
yix06060 From Nagoya, Japan

Make yourself familiar with all the fresh herbs, seasonal vegetable and a selective use of spices in Vietnamese food. This finely balancing combination is what makes us one of the healthiest cuisines out there. From the smokey scent of Bún Chả, the festive eye-catching color of Phở, to the fluffiness of Bánh Cuốn… Hanoi promises to take you on one of the best food journeys.

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