About us

The Indochine Restaurant has a rich tradition in providing a high quality culinary experience to the greater city of Hanoi for the past 20 years. The enormous success of Indochine is due to your patronage for the past two decades. You have demanded a fine dining oasis in the bustling city of Hanoi, and Indochine is proud to the answer your demand.
At our location, 38 Thi Sach Str., Indochine has been excited to introduce to our guests a special traditional menu that includes delightful classical Vietnamese cuisines that are famous throughout the ages. Indochine especially pleased to provide some exquisite dishes that are carefully crafted and perfected within the Indochine household for many decades that will stimulate your taste buds and enhance your gastronomical experience. Our world wine labels are masterfully chosen to compliment our chef’s creation.
The restaurant is nestled in the classical French colonial home with the artifacts that hark back to the dynasties of old in Viet Nam. At Indochine, this place is offerring fine dinning that transports our guests to a simpler time where character matters and the essence of purity is achieved.
Enclosed Indochine has provided few introductions for you to attend of our Vietnamese resrautrant, and Indochine asks that you spread the words to your friends and join us at 38 Thi Sach Str. for a luncheon or an evening outing with your friends and family.